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Spirometry Interpretation Course

Spirometry testing plays an important role in the diagnosis and management of diseases like asthma and COPD and interpreting spirometry test results is an essential part of this process.

The RESPTREC® Spirometry Interpretation course is designed to teach students the principles of spirometry including the role of spirometry as an objective measure of lung disease, and through a mix of content exploration and case study application is designed to give students confidence in their ability to interpret spirometry results.

Curriculum includes:

  1. Part 1 – Principles of Spirometry
    1. This part of the Spirometry Interpretation course covers the principles of spirometry, including:
      1. appropriate forced expiratory manoeuvers;
      2. criteria for spirometry acceptability and repeatability; and
      3. quality control measures.
  2. Part 2 – Basics of Spirometry Interpretation
    1. This part of the Spirometry Interpretation course covers the basics of spirometry interpretation, including:
      1. identifying normal spirometry; and
      2. identifying obstruction and potential restriction.
  3. Part 3 – Case Studies
    1. This part of the Spirometry Interpretation course covers examples of spirometry tests and their interpretation.

Learning Objectives for this course include:

  1. Understanding the role of spirometry as an objective measurement of lung disease;
  2. Describing spirometry testing, terms and measurements;
  3. Describing the criteria for best test acceptability and repeatability;
  4. Describing the indicators for normal, obstructive and restrictive spirometric patterns; and
  5. Gaining confidence in the interpretation of spirometry.

The Spirometry Interpretation course is intended for family physicians, nurse practitioners, and allied health professionals.

The RESPTREC® Spirometry Interpretation course is a collaboration between Lung Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Thoracic Society. The Ontario Thoracic Society Provider Education Program developed an earlier version of this course.
RESPTREC® gratefully acknowledges Dr. Brian Graham, PhD, for his work in creating the current version of this course, and the following key opinion leaders for providing a review of the course content:

  • Dr. Allan Coates, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto and Senior Scientist Emeritus, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Dr. David Kaminsky, Professor, University of Vermont, co-author of the 2022 ERS/ATS technical standard on interpretive strategies for routine lung function tests, and former chair of the ATS Pulmonary Function Testing Committee.
  • Dr. Jeremy Road, Professor of Medicine, UBC, Medical Director PFT Lab Vancouver General Hospital

The hours invested in completing this course can be included in your continuing professional education learning portfolio.

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