Inhaled Delivery Device Course

Type online
Price $100.00
Course Length 5–10 hours
Timeframe 6 months
Access open

In response to the expressed need from the respiratory healthcare community in Canada for a comprehensive educator program in inhaled delivery device (IDD) care, RESPTREC® created this online IDD course to join the suite of courses offered by RESPTREC®.

The RESPTREC® IDD course is designed to give respiratory educators the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to help patients that are prescribed IDDs the ability to use IDDs safely and effectively.

Whilst there is still much study needed and underway in the area of inhaled delivery devices from many vantage points, RESPTREC® has endeavored to examine the existing, and where possible, most current evidence, to develop this course content.

Because much study in IDDs has been conducted in asthma and COPD, it was felt that an introduction to both asthma and COPD be included in the curriculum for this course. Students will find a brief and comprehensive overview of both asthma and COPD in the Introduction to Inhaled Delivery Devices chapter of this course.