COPD Course

Type online
Price $475.00
Course Length 15–20 hours
Timeframe 6 months
Access open


20 CEUs

As with other chronic diseases, good health outcomes in COPD depend on adherence to evidence-based management guidelines. Knowledge translation of these guidelines is a critical component to the implementation of the guidelines by health care providers. RESPTREC® is recognized as a valuable knowledge translation resource of the respiratory guidelines for health care professionals working in the area of COPD.

COPD prevention, accurate disease diagnosis, optimal medical management, engaging individuals and their families in self-management skills and regular medical follow-up are all critical components to relieving the effects and the burden of this chronic disease. The newly, enhanced COPD for Educator curriculum reflects the most recent COPD publications and includes new epidemiological data, additional information on risk factors, newer medical management interventions and a wide variety of valuable self-management resources and tools for educators and patients.

To challenge the Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE) examination:
You are required to complete the Education for Chronic Disease, Asthma and COPD courses.

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