Spirometry Course

Type online
Price $450.00
Course Length 10–15 hours
Timeframe 6 months
Access open

The Spirometry course will teach individuals how to conduct quality spirometry including: basic lung anatomy and mechanics, spirometry equipment, spirometry indications and contraindications, spirometry test procedures, criteria for acceptability and repeatability, bronchodilator responsiveness testing, spirometry office procedures, and basic spirometry interpretation.

Canadian and international consensus guidelines for the management of asthma and COPD call for routine use of spirometry for the diagnosis and appropriate management of these diseases. In order to meet the need for more access to quality spirometry, RESPTREC® course launched a Spirometry course in 2009, and in response to an expressed need, the online course in 2021. The goal of this course is to ensure those conducting spirometry continue to have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to conduct quality spirometry in order to improve diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory diseases.