RESPTREC®: Respiratory Training and Educator Course

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Our Courses

Our Course Structure

All of our courses consist of specific components which must be fulfilled in order to receive a diploma for successful completion.

You will have 6 months to complete courses from the date of course approval.

Canadian Network for Respiratory Care
Becoming a Certified Educator

The Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC) administers the national respiratory educator examination and re-certification process. Spring and fall exam dates and registration deadlines are announced on the CNRC website.

Continuing Education

Join the RESPTREC® family for lifelong learning opportunities and mentorship.

Lung Sask is pleased to provide its networks of health professionals with resources and continuing education opportunities.

Dr. Darcy Marciniuk, MD, FRCPC, FCCP, Respirologist

I want to be on a team with clinicians who have undergone RESPTREC® training and are CRE-certified. They are fully informed of the latest evidence, they possess…

Meet Our Faculty

Gemma Styling ON

Gemma Styling

Respiratory Therapist

Song Lee Han ON

Song Lee Han

Respiratory Therapist

Debra Suderman MB

Debra Suderman

Physical Therapist

Carmen Rempel BC

Carmen Rempel

Respiratory Therapist

Lori Nagy SK

Lori Nagy

Business & Education Manager

Jan Neumann SK

Jan Neumann

Physical Therapist

Lana Biro ON

Lana Biro

Certified Respiratory Educator

Noel Pendergast NS

Noel Pendergast

Respiratory Therapist

Sherri Vautour MB

Sherri Vautour

Respiratory Therapist

Jo Anne St. Vincent MB

Jo Anne St. Vincent

Registered Nurse

Brian Graham SK

Brian Graham

Professor of Medicine

Diane Conley AB

Diane Conley

Respiratory Therapist

Aaron Ladd BC

Aaron Ladd

Respiratory Therapist

Erminia Collavini BC

Erminia Collavini

Respiratory Therapist

Jill Hubick SK

Jill Hubick

Registered Nurse

Vicki Kennedy BC

Vicki Kennedy

Registered Nurse

Ana Macpherson ON

Ana Macpherson

Respiratory Therapist

Donna Turner SK

Donna Turner

Respiratory Therapist

Cinde Little AB

Cinde Little

Respiratory Therapist

Rosario Holmes ON

Rosario Holmes

Respiratory Therapist

Diane Feldman ON

Diane Feldman

Respiratory Therapist

Bernard Ho ON

Bernard Ho

Pulmonary Function Technologist

Chris Haromy ON

Chris Haromy

Dilshad Moosa ON

Dilshad Moosa

Respiratory Therapist

Ann Bartlett ON

Ann Bartlett

Registered Nurse

Deanna Roberts AB

Deanna Roberts

Respiratory Therapist

Trent Litzenberger SK

Trent Litzenberger

Physical Therapist

Angela Taylor NB

Angela Taylor

Respiratory Therapist

Jaimie Peters SK

Jaimie Peters

Registered Nurse

Patricia Popwell NS

Patricia Popwell


Suzanne Corby ON

Suzanne Corby

Nurse Practitioner

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