What is RESPTREC®?

Join our family at RESPTREC®. Advance your skills. Be a leader in respiratory care.

The goal of the Respiratory Training and Educator Course (RESPTREC®) is to provide health care professionals with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to empower people and their caregivers to optimally manage their chronic disease.

Our program content is based on the most recent Canadian evidence-based guidelines. The development and content for our courses have been guided by clinical experts, Canadian guidelines committee members, respiratory educators, education consultants, researchers and individuals representing various health care professions.

The courses provide the highest standard of training in asthma, COPD and education for learners who wish to challenge The Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC) national certification exam. A skills-based spirometry course is also part of our family of programs. A diploma is issued upon successful completion of each course.

Our courses are unique in that they are endorsed by Canada's leading authorities in respiratory care, including the Canadian Thoracic Society, The Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals, and the Family Physicians Airways Group of Canada.

RESPTREC® faculty includes specially trained health care professionals who are actively involved in respiratory health in their communities, and who have shown leadership in the area of patient education.

RESPTREC Across Canada

Our faculty network spans across Canada, allowing us to offer courses in every province; and in the territories by request.

RESPTREC® is owned and administered by Lung Saskatchewan. Lung Sask is a nationally certified private educational institution and course participants will be provided with a tuition tax credit receipt.

We are pleased to offer many continuing education opportunities to our graduates such as articles, news updates, webinars, and educational videos.

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