Course Overview

RESPTREC® is Canada's leading continuing education program which offers courses geared to all disciplines of health care professionals who are involved in chronic disease management.

RESPTREC Course Family

All courses are independently offered and can be completed in any order based on what is relevant to the learner.

RESPTREC® is the only program which has been reviewed and endorsed by:

  • The Lung Association
  • The Canadian Thoracic Society
  • The Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals
  • The Family Physicians Airway Group of Canada

Development of the RESPTREC® courses has included expert representatives from all disciplines. The courses are robust, comprehensive, and align with current practice guidelines. Our courses are also approved by The Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC) as pre-requisite courses for the national certification exam.

RESPTREC® is an important resource for building and enhancing competencies, skills and knowledge towards becoming effective educators and valued members of an integrated environment of chronic disease management care. Our continuing education opportunities provide RESPTREC® students with lifelong mentorship and learning.

Course Structure

RESPTREC® provides learning that works for you.

All of our courses consist of specific components which must be fulfilled in order to receive a diploma for successful completion. This diploma will be located in your learning centre profile for you to print or save electronically.

We offer two streams of education:

Combined Online + Workshop Courses

Your application will be reviewed and confirmed by RESPTREC® administration. You will receive a confirmation email when the course officially begins, at or near the registration deadline.

When registering for a Combined Online and Workshop Course, please note the importance of the registration deadline. This deadline is in place to ensure that you have ample preparation time to complete the online learning centre pre-workshop component.

Asthma, COPD and Education

  1. Online Learning Centre - Pre-workshop
    • Learners must login with their account email and password
    • Required and suggested reference readings
    • Assignments and quizzes MUST be completed 2 weeks prior to the workshop
    • Please allow a minimum of 25-30 hours to complete the online pre-workshop component
  2. Two-Day Workshop
    • Workshops incorporate active participation and hands-on application of relevant disease and education theory
    • Attendance is mandatory
    • Workshops are conducted in many locations across Canada
    • Workshops include: case scenarios, small group work, individual/group presentations, role playing, videos, Q & As, active learning activities and discussions, as well as skills examination (role playing, case scenarios, demonstration); mastery is required
  3. Online Learning Centre - Post-Workshop
    • Online written examination (multiple choice) which must be completed within 3 weeks post-workshop; required pass mark is 75%
    • Online assignment which focuses on knowledge and application of course content using a case study which must be completed within 3 weeks of attending the workshop
    • Course evaluation


The Spirometry course follows the same format as the other Combined Online + Workshop Courses, with the following exceptions:

  • The workshop is one day in length, and focuses on providing hands-on application and practical training with spirometry equipment, to enhance quality spirometry learning
  • The post-workshop online written examination (multiple choice) has a required pass mark of 70%
  • Learners are required to submit 10 spirometry tests for marking


Online-Only Courses

Your application will be reviewed and approved by RESPTREC® administration. You will receive a confirmation email which will indicate that you can proceed to the online learning centre to begin your course.

You will have 6 months to complete the Online-Only Course from the date you begin your work in the learning centre.

Asthma coming soon!, COPD, and IPF

  • Student login with an email and password
  • A side bar menu for easy navigation through the course The option to download a PDF version of the content will be available.
  • The course itinerary
  • An introduction to the online-only course
  • Chapter quizzes throughout the course content to assess comprehension and application of course content - required pass mark of 80%
  • For Asthma and COPD, video of mandatory Performance Items must be submitted for review by RESPTREC® Faculty prior to course completion.
  • A final quiz based on a case scenario to be completed after all other requirements have been completed - required pass mark of 80%
  • The course evaluation

Throughout the online-only course Independent Learning Activities will be recommended. These activities are designed to enhance your learning. As an independent learner it is critical that you take time to practice the skills necessary to become a competent respiratory educator.


As with other educational institutions, our program requires that each learner complete assignments independently. Plagiarism, the use of material received or purchased from another person or prepared by any person other than the individual claiming to be the author, will result in an incomplete program status.

Adapted from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Policies and Regulations, 2007

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