Our RESPTREC® program is proud to be the only program endorsed by Canada's leading authorities in respiratory care. These groups also facilitate representation on our program expert development and revision committees.

  • The Lung Association

    The Lung Association focuses on all issues that affect the ability of Canadians to breathe every day. The mission of the Canadian Lung Association is to lead nationwide and international lung health initiatives, prevent lung disease, help people manage lung disease and promote lung health. The provincial offices work collaboratively to help individuals, families, and groups across the nation.

    Through a partnership with the Canadian Thoracic Society and Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals, the Lung Association assists doctors and allied health professionals to set the highest standards in patient care, and continue to expand their knowledge about lung diseases and treatments.

  • The Canadian Thoracic Society

    The Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) is Canada's national respiratory specialty society that brings together over 700 respirologists, researchers and other physicians working in respiratory health. The CTS promotes lung health by supporting the respiratory community through leadership, collaboration, research, learning and advocacy, and promoting the best respiratory practices in Canada.

    The CTS is responsible for developing and implementing the national respiratory research strategy. This professional medical section also develops, disseminates and evaluates clinical practice guidelines and engages in related knowledge translation activities. The CTS also assists in the development and accreditation of continuing medical education programs.

  • The Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals

    The Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals (CRHP) is the interdisciplinary healthcare professional assembly of the Canadian Thoracic Society. The CRHP welcomes nurses, respiratory therapists, cardio-pulmonary physiotherapists, pharmacists, and other allied health professional working in the respiratory field.

    CRHP collaborates with the Canadian Thoracic Society on the development of respiratory guidelines. Their mission is to engage health care professionals and to provide national leadership to promote lung health and focus on prevention and management of lung disease. Facilitation of interprofessional collaboration, research, and knowledge translation are key components. The CRHP also advises the Lung Association on scientific programs, professional education, public education, and research.

  • The Family Physicians Airway Group of Canada

    The Family Physicians Airway Group of Canada is committed to helping those with airway diseases lead a full life. This group of physicians is dedicated to helping all family physicians maintain and increase their skill in assisting those with asthma and COPD.

    The strategy of this group is to maintain a speaker bank, a data bank, and practical tools to help physicians attain these skills. They provide professional educational opportunities and have been involved with the development of many continuing education initiatives.

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