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The goal is to provide health care professionals with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to empower people and their caregivers to optimally manage their chronic disease.

RESPTrec® is a family of training courses offering hands-on workshops in cities across Canada. The courses provide the highest standard of training in asthma, COPD and education for health care professionals wishing to challenge the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care National certification.

RESPTrec® courses include an extensive pre-component and class sizes are limited. Registration deadlines are indicated to accommodate the participant pre-workshop component. Early registration is recommended.

Upcoming Spirometry Training

Winnipeg, MBSep 13 - Sep 13/2014Aug 13/2014
Calgary, ABOct 25 - Oct 25/2014Sep 25/2014

Upcoming Asthma Training

Asthma Management Module and Education Module (AsthmaTrec)
Toronto, ONSep 18 - Sep 21/2014Jul 30/2014
Edmonton, ABSep 20 - Sep 23/2014Jul 26/2014
Winnipeg, MBNov 13 - Nov 16/2014Sep 18/2014

Asthma Management Module
Vancouver, BCOct 03 - Oct 04/2014Jul 08/2014
Saskatoon, SKOct 03 - Oct 04/2014Aug 14/2014
Sackville, NBOct 18 - Oct 19/2014Aug 30/2014

Upcoming COPD Training

COPD Management Module and Education Module (COPDTrec)
Toronto, ONSep 11 - Sep 14/2014Jul 17/2014
Winnipeg, MBOct 02 - Oct 05/2014Aug 07/2014
Toronto, ONNov 20 - Nov 23/2014Sep 11/2014

COPD Management Module
Edmonton, ABOct 17 - Oct 18/2014Aug 22/2014
Sackville, NBNov 15 - Nov 16/2014Sep 19/2014

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