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Combined Online + Workshop Courses

Want a premium learning experience? Our RESPTREC® combined online + workshop courses provide just that, whether you are wishing to enhance your field of practice or are on the path to becoming a certified respiratory educator. Study independently and then participate in a workshop which allows for engagement, networking, mentorship, practice, and sharing experiences. This combination of online learning with a hands-on workshop setting will position you for excellence in your field of practice!

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Online-Only Courses

We recognize that there are health care professionals that wish to enhance their learning, but are limited geographically in this vast country of ours. To better serve you, we have created a series of online-only courses which reflect all of the required learning objectives for each program. If you are self-motivated and have limited opportunity to attend a workshop, our online-only offerings can work for you. It's convenient, accessible from many devices, and is user-friendly.


Feature Comparison

  Combined Online +
Workshop Courses
Online-Only Courses
Evidence-based, best practice curriculum
Course content developed by expert committees
Content endorsed by the Canadian Thoracic Society, The Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals, and the Family Physicians Airways Group of Canada
Courses recognized and approved by the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care
CSRT-approved CEUs for respiratory therapists
Ongoing continuing education opportunities (articles, videos, webinars, resources)
Easy access to online learning components
Online content accessible from many devices (PC, iPad, tablet, smartphone)
Online assignment submission
Online quiz submission
Case study learning
Independent study
Professional portfolio continuing education hours
Diploma issued upon successful completion of course components
Workshop facilitated by CRE expert faculty
Group interaction, hands-on learning, engagement, and practice
Faculty feedback and mentorship
Opportunity to network with other health care practitioners
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