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RESPTrec® offers 4 modules:

  1. Education (mandatory to be taken with either Asthma Management or COPD Management)
  2. Asthma Management
  3. COPD Management
  4. Spirometry.

Each module consists of the specific components which must be fulfilled in order to receive acknowledgement of course completion.

Education Module

The Education Module is mandatory and must be taken in conjunction with either the COPD Module OR Asthma Management Module. The principles taught in the module are transferable to other chronic disease education programs.

Asthma Management Module

Individuals who have completed the mandatory Education Module previously with the COPD Management Module are then eligible to take Asthma Management Module.

COPD Management Module

Individuals who have completed the mandatory Education Module previously with the Asthma Management Module are then eligible to take COPD Management Module.

Module Components for COPD, Asthma and Education

Each module consists of the following components:
  1. Pre-Workshop Distance Learning Package
    • Reference to Guidelines, books, manuals (some of which can be ordered through RESPTrec®
    • Assignments which need to be completed in the online learning center prior to workshop.
    • Please allow a minimum of 30 hours of preparation prior to workshop
  2. Two-Day Workshop
    • Workshops incorporate active participation and hands-on application of relevant disease and education theory.
    • Attendance is mandatory.
    • Workshops are conducted in many locations across Canada.
    • Workshops include: case scenarios, small group work, individual/group presentations, role playing, videos, Q & As, active learning activities and discussions.
    • Workshop - Participant Evaluation
      • Written examination (multiple choice); pass mark is 70%
      • Skills examination (role playing, case scenarios, demonstration); mastery is required
  3. Post-Workshop Assignment
    • To develop a comprehensive education program for a case scenario. All of the above components must be fulfilled in order to receive acknowledgement of course completion. As with other educational institutions, our program requires that each participant complete assignments independently. Plagiarism, the use of material received or purchased from another person or prepared by any person other than the individual claiming to be the author, will result in an incomplete program status. (Adapted from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Policies and Regulations, 2007)

Spirometry Module

  1. Pre-workshop distance learning (one month prior to workshop):
    1. Participant's manual
      • required reading before attending the workshop
      • please allow 3-4 hours to complete
    2. Web-based component
      • Each participant will receive login and password information to access the web-based portion of the course
      • Will include instruction and questions which must be completed before attending the workshop
      • Please allow 5 hours to complete
  2. One day workshop:
    • Workshop will provide hands-on application and practical training including practice time, test scenarios, videos and discussions
    • There will be one trainer for every four participants
    • attendance is mandatory
  3. Post-workshop mentoring (three months following workshop):
    • Each participant is required to submit 10 spirometry results per month, for 3 months post workshop
    • Feedback on the quality of spirometry results will be provided to the participant. Improvement in the quality of results will be the expected outcome
    • At the end of the 3 months, there will be an on-line final exam; pass mark is 80%


You may register by completing the online form.

Class size is limited. In order to allow adequate time for completion of the distance learning package, your registration form should be received by the Lung Association office ten weeks before your first choice of dates.

Study Credits

For Pharmacists:
The Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy has confirmed accreditation as follows:

Education Module - 6.5 CEUs
COPD Management Module - 13.00 CEUs
Asthma Management Module - 6.5 CEUs